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Pasola War Festival February and March 2016

Pasola war festival Sumba islandPasola War Festival February and March 2016

Namely war wooden throwing spears while riding. Pasola derived from the word 'sola' or 'hola', which means a kind of wooden spears that are used to each other thrown from a horse being pushed hard by two groups that opposed. After receiving the recharge 'pa' (pa-sola, pa.-ola), it means to be a game. So Pasola or pahola mean game of dexterity javelin throwing wood from the back of a Horse being driven tight between the two group opposite.
Held once a year in West Sumba in February at Kodi and Lamboya. While the March on Wanokaka. Pasola carried out in broad expanse of desert, witnessed by all citizens and Paraingu Kabisu of the two groups that compete and by the general public.
Participants game was choseen of both men Kabius which harut mastered two skills at once ie spurred the horse and throw a javelin (hola). Pasola usually the climax of the whole series of activities to celebrate the feast nyale. Pasola is believed to be the order of the ancestral population of adherent Marapu. Therefore Pasola the first place is a religious cult that expresses the essence of religion religiosity Marapu. In the event of death caused by Pasola game, seen as evidence of violation of customary norms applicable, this activity becomes adhesive fabric of brotherhood between the two groups that participated in Pasola.

the schedule will be published in January 2016.