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Tosodimar Community

The Tosodimar Community was founded on 3rd april 2011. Tosodimar (Manggaraian for rainbow) is a fraternity community putting its main concern on enabling children to have adequate access to education. Unfortunately the level of education in Flores is very low and due to economic and social reasons many children are not attending school.

Originally this community was founded by three ladies named Fransiska Widyawati, Fransiska P.L. Jehaun and Pantang Kristianto Oliva who have the dream that any children should have a chance to go to school. Since all of them were so lucky to enjoy a good education they know how important it is and that education is one of the most important ways for a positive sustainable transformation. Hence, they started to collect their own money and convinced other people to join the community. A month later the community already had four additional members and today there are already a network of people all over the world supporting their work. Thanks to this strong commitment Tosodmar was able to grow continuously so that more than 20 children are attending elementary school, high school or even university.

It is called community because it is not only about giving money to the parents. Moreover about exchanging experiences, motivating the children and explaning to the parents why it is important for their children to have a good education. In regular meetings all member, children, friends and founders gathering together to discuss about things and motivate each other. 

Unfortunately there are a lot of more poor children who need support. That is why Flores Exotic Tours is supporting this incredible community and is helping to find new members, supporters and frends for Tosodimar Community.

We would love welcome you to be part of us. With your contribution, the world of those poor children is brighter, more colorful and promising.

If you want to know more about this project do not hesitate to contact us. Or if you even want to join this community and your are joining a trip of us, we can arrange a meeting for you to meet the members and children of Tosodimar

Thank you very much!

Vision: Enabeling access to education for poor children


  1. To provide financial aids
  2. To motivate the poor children to go to school
  3. To raise fund from benefactors


Chairperson: Fransiska Widyawati

Secretary: Fransiska  P.L.Jehaun

Treasurer: Pantang Kristianti Oliva

Bank Account:

Bank Mandiri, Cabang Ruteng Flores.

Account number:  161-00-0053052-2

Acct.holder: Pantang Kristianti Oliva

E-Mail: komunitas.tosodimar@gmail.com




Komunitas Tosodimar dibentuk pada tanggal 3 April 2011. Tosodimar (sebuah kata bahasa Manggarai yang berarti pelangi) merupakan komunitas pertemanan yang memberi perhatian pada anak-anak dari keluarga miskin yang tidak dapat bersekolah karena alasan sosial dan ekonomi.

Komunitas Tosodimar dibentuk oleh tiga perempuan yakni Ansi, Lila, dan Tati yang bercita-cita agar setiap anak memiliki kesempatan untuk bersekolah. Satu bulan setelah pembentukannya, anggota komunitas Tosodimar  bertambah empat orang lagi.

Kami mengajak Anda sekalian untuk bersama kami dalam komunitas Tosodimar menjadikan dunia anak-anak lebih cemerlang, berwarna, dan memiliki masa depan yang baik.

Visi    : 

Terbantunya anak-anak dari keluarga  miskin untuk mendapatkan pendidikan formal.


  1. Menyediakan bantuan keuangan untuk pendidikan  anak-anak dari keluarga miskin
  2. Memberikan motivasi bagi anak-anak dari keluarga miskin untuk mendapatkan &/ melanjutkan pendidikan  di sekolah
  3. Mengumpulkan uang dari para donator

Pendiri :

  1. Fransiska Widyawati (Ansi)
  2. Pantang kristianti Oliva (Tati)
  3. Fransiska P.L.Jehaun (Lila)


Ketua  : Fransiska Widyawati

Sekretaris  : Fransiska  P.L.Jehaun

Bendahara :  Pantang Kristianti Oliva